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You can get a “job” anywhere. But if you’re looking for the right career move, EARMARK could be the place for you.

The environment of electronic chain stores may not resonate with you. In contrast, EARMARK’s specialist approach may be a better fit.

Most national car stereo retailers just emphasize “cheaper” and “faster” installations, boasting “free” and “same day”. But many consumers want an alternative that offers much more; where they can trust knowledgeable experts and depend on the quality of installation. And that’s precisely where EARMARK excels. We’re driven by quality execution in everything we do.

EARMARK has a large and loyal clientele who appreciate our dedication. Everyday we see a familiar face who has had their car done by us before. Some of these customers have been with us for twenty years and now bring their sons and daughters by.

Whether sales consultants or installation technicians, our reputation is built by people who have chosen mobile electronics as their vocation and who have real passion for the work they do; individuals who aspire to something more. At EARMARK, you’ll be surrounded by talented professionals, which will make your job more satisfying and also compliment your ability to succeed.

The next step is with EARMARK. EARMARK continues to evolve and always be on the leading edge of the newest technologies and techniques. EARMARK offers better custom installation facilities, advanced training, a broader range of mobile electronics, and most important, a dedicated focus. These qualities are unique to a locally operated and truly committed mobile electronics specialist.

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