'09 Malibu 23
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'09 Malibu 23

All WetSounds.


In order to mount the source unit, the factory pocket was trimmed and mostly removed. A heat-formed ¼-inch thick black ABS panel was used as a mounting bezel. The ABS course texture and glossy finish tends to look cheap so we sanded away 50 percent of the texture and dyed the ABS with a matte black finish. This gives it the texture and look of patterned vinyl which better matches the surroundings.

The in-dash ABS mounting panel for the display remote control received the same treatment.

A second remote on the transom.

The iPod cable terminates in the right hand dash pocket. This cable provides a clean hardwired input plus DC supply and maintains control on the iPod.

A thick panel was added to mount the WetSounds EQ underdash and also serves as a way to strain relieve the RCA cables.

Two heat-formed ABS brackets were concealed underdash, one to mount the two LED lighting control switches and the other to be used as a microphone clip.

WetSounds monoblock, two-channel and four-channel amplifies plus power distribution share a ¾-inch thick mounting panel clad in marine carpet.




Both of the coaxials mounted in the pass-through received baffle rings behind the speakers to reinforce the mounting within the thin plastic storage pockets.



The driver' s side coaxial is enclosed in an injection-molded isolation chamber since it shares the same compartment with the subwoofer. This keeps the coaxial from being modulated by the intense pressure waves eminating from the sub.

The subwoofer enclosure needs to be elevated off the sole as to not rest on a wet surface and to allow the numerous factory wires and cables to penetrate the decking. A resin-coated birch bridge is spaced up off the sole with HDPE polymer risers. Several aluminum brackets mount the sub enclosure to the bridge. A tongue and groove rear receptacle plus several locator keys lock the sub enclosure into the identical spot if removed and reinstalled.



The enclosure for the WetSounds XXX-12 is constructed out of ¾-inch with a 1-inch baffle. The box is sealed in a black fiberglass resin. The terminal cup is encased and silicon sealed plus the wire is split and sealed. This provides double the insurance that the enclosure will remain airtight under intense internal pressure.





The side-firing sub and enclosure is concealed behind the factory façade.


Each of the four WetSounds Pro60X tower speakers received lighted diffuser rings. All eight WetSounds XS-650 coaxials are indirectly lit up with six ultra bright LEDs that reflect off the midbass cone. The coaming speaker lights and tower speaker lights are controlled via separate circuits. Also, the EQ matches the other red lighting appointments.














A dual-bank multi-phase charger conditions each of the two batteries independently, increasing play time at rest and lifespan.

An AC inlet is mounted high in the rear port side storage compartment to provide the most convenient location for plugging in shore power.



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