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With over 100 trophies and awards for "Best Installation", several world final titles and praises from numerous car stereo publications, why would you trust your car to anyone but EARMARK?

Whether you want a basic car audio/video system -- or you want to turn your vehicle into an audiophile's dream machine, nobody tops EARMARK's award-winning technicians.

EARMARK performs every electrical connection of every installation with solder and heatshrink. This means if we install it, it's going to operate trouble-free. No crimps, spacecaps, scotchlocks, butt connectors or twisted and taped wires that eventually fail.


Certified For Your Inspection…

We’re proud to announce that our installers are MECP (Mobile Electronics Certification Program) certified!

Additionally, you’ll find dozens of certificates from S.B.M.S., F.A.S.T., Mobile Dynamics, Clifford, Alpine, Sony Technical Training, Acoustic Edge, Installer Institutue, IIT Audio, Metro Auto Electronics Training Institute, The Ritop School, Syntec Technical School and DeVry Institute of Technology proudly displayed throughout installation areas of each and every EARMARK store.

When It Comes To Training, We Wrote The Book!

Sure, we’re proud that EARMARK’s installers are certified, but their training doesn’t stop there. We provide our installers with extensive ongoing training from the most respected experts in the business. And our training library is second to none!

Who Says Earmark's The Best?

Only the top national car stereo magazines in the industry, that's who...
Car Stereo Review, Cars, Installation News, Car Audio & Electronics and Autosound & Security!

Earmark is the ONLY TEXAS DEALER to win in the Car Audio Nationals Championship Finals

"I told the people at Earmark to just make it the best!"
James Garner, Grand National Champion, Car Audio Nationals

For custom woodworking, nobody beats the pros at EARMARK CAR AUDIO. Without a doubt, EARMARK has the most extensive custom fabrication shops of any mobile electronics store in the Metroplex.

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EARMARK specializes in custom vinyl work, video consoles, neon amp racks, molded fiberglass subwoofer enclosures with matching paint finish and much, much more!

Triple 10 sub-enclosure in an auto paint finish on an amp rack ready to drop in a hatchback.
Integrated Camaro 4X8 inch subwoofer enclosure and amp rack with identical factory upholstery and matching carpet. This unit contains twin equalizers and six amplifiers in a fan-cooled aluminum cradle.


EARMARK uses the versatility and unsurpassed strength of metal for creative custom installation solutions. This includes lighter and more compact structures that can bridge existing factory attachment points without drilling holes or modifying your car. While most car stereo companies think a backstrap, vice and hammer constitutes metal working, EARMARK has real metal fabrication tools. EARMARK is unsurpassed in our installation facilities.

A Word About Service:

EARMARK is locally owned and operated since 1980. That means we’re part of the local team tending to our customers’ needs everyday. We're not trying to be the biggest; we're just giving you the best in quality. You'll have the same technicians who do the award-winning showcars working on your car. Even our budget systems receive the critical attention to detail.

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